I was an Associate Instructor for ECN 121A "Industrial Organization" at UC Davis in the summer of 2018 Syllabus Summer Session I

Previously, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in the following classes:

ECN 102A - Analysis of Economic Data (Professor D. Moreira, UC Davis)

ECN 121A - Industrial Organization (Professor A. Boik, UC Davis)

ECN 101A - Intermediate Macroeconomics (Professor E. Frenkel, UC Davis)

ECN 001A - Principals of Macroeconomics (Professor M. Sigler, UC Davis)

International Trade Policy and Theory, graduate level (Professor N. Volchkova, New Economic School)

Development Economics, graduate level (Professor P. Dower, New Economic School)

Family Economics, graduate level (Professor H. Zoabi, New Economic School)